Monday, March 9, 2015

Surprise mushroomed at my garden

Sometimes mushrooms / fungi can be seen in un-expected places, e.g; this wooden scrap at our backyard got wet due to rain, look at the result, it's fascinating isn't it ? That's the wonder of nature.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Visitor at our little garden !

This innocent bird must have escaped from gage of someone's home, poor bird had only one leg to survive. We decided to keep it and fed whatever it could eat, it chose to sit on the jasmine flower plant for couple of days. Unfortunately one day early morning, it passed away. May this innocent soul rest in peace.

It might not be a big news to post it in this blog but, I am sharing this info so, that someone's eyes might open-up and decide not to buy/have them as a show piece at home. When buying stops, killing too stops. Sad part is these innocent birds' ultimate enemy is their own beauty. They actually live, when they are free in their own natural world.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pot of stars !

This beautiful bunch of flower appeared in our pot garden at home, guess we never planted it or buried seed in the pot. The pot was originally for Curry leaf plant, after couple of days, we saw new company to the Curry leaf plant. I didn't remove since, it had huge green well textured leaves. My sister told me it must be some flowering plant, So I left it to grow along. It grew fast that, we are not able to see the Curry leaf plant it's got hidden. Then came the surprise... started blossoming white bunch of flowers, if we see it closely, every single flower in it has the perfect star shape. During the dark, it looks like group of stars in our little garden. It's amazing that it is still keeps flowering, looks like it's all season. Recently my mom told me to chop the whole plant since it's overgrowing. So, I did the same, now it's re-growing freshly with flowers again along with Curry leaf plant. I have seen similar ones in red colour in the parks and other places but, now the white one. Again I am sorry, no idea about the name of this beauty.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Roots of life !

I know, I am posting after a long gap, should plan properly next time. Recently at my backyard pot garden, I discovered this, I know this is usual but, for me it reminded my childhood days in garden. This is the roots of a money plant, I discovered it while re-potting, yes ''discovered it" we discover unique stuff in nature when observed closely every time.  It's thrilling to see it in close, roots speaks a lot on nature, this itself looks like another world also reminds us the neurons of our brain. Have you seen it in your life?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rare flower !

This wonderful flower, I would call it as rare flower since its very rare to see in my place and I don't know the name of it. Its growth cycle is very creative, I have found this next to our office at Lavelle Road, Bangalore. What is amazing about this flower/plant's journey? one might wonder... This simple looking creeper grows with its own struggle till it reaches above the tree branches, then starts producing light greenish oval shaped pre-flowering stuff (refer the picture above) then next couple of days, it starts blossoming wonderful textured flower, shaped like a saxophone with pouch behind I guess it is to attract insects, like wild flowers which consumes insects.

Next comes interesting part of the cycle, the flower starts transforming into green fruit, then after getting ripened, it starts drying by opening up like a dry basket with seeds in it. One can notice these baskets hanging in dead plant for a long duration with support of strong dry threads with seeds intact in it. When rainy days starts, these baskets fills up with water to wash away the seeds to fall on ground for new cycle. What a wonderful programming by the great creator/nature.

Let me know if you could share the name and more info about this wonder flower. Thank you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eco planting at home !

One eco way of decorating the home or outdoor area is having plants, when we have tender coconut, we usually throw the shell. But, I came out with an idea like drying it and pulling 2 strings from it to make thread to hang on the wall, I don't know whether this idea is fresh or somebody is already familiar with it. I used money plant in it and filled water, to make it wonderful earthly looking wall hanging plant pot. One can also try varnish paint it to get shiny look.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vegan Art

After a long gap, posting this on this ‘World Earth day’, this one is painting done using vegetarian colour from this spinach and it’s fruit. The fruit from this plant has a pink colour juice, when we crush it in hand we’ll get pink colour like a ink. For the green the leaves has been used. I had this spinach creeper in our backyard, it’s very common in south Indian homes. It’s good for people having excessive heat in body. This spinach leaf is round in shape, one can cook bajji (one of the South Indian snack) out of it. This spinach is called ‘Pasalai Keerai’ in Tamil.